Our Mission

To work for the prevention and intervention of mental illness through awareness, education and hope.


Life After Treatment

Life After Treatment By: Hollyn Donovan   I got discharged from treatment on October 15th. It was a very emotional day. Leaving the staff and other patients from my treatment center was difficult. At the same time, it was a joyous occasion. It’s wonderful knowing that everyone from treatment believes in me and that I continue to have supportive people… Read more →


Therapy works.

There was a point in my life where I desperately struggled to keep myself safe. My brain swirled with darkness as I sat in my own depressions and my moods were erratic, at best. I tried to deal with these symptoms the only way I knew how: restricting my diet, binging and purging, self-harm, and hiding myself away in my… Read more →


Recovery IS personal.

I’ve had two bad days. I wasn’t making recovery a priority and well, I felt it. My life slowed down as my thoughts took off. I began to question my position in recovery, my accomplishments and my value; I hated myself for it all. Then I realized something…. Just like life, recovery is NOT perfect. It seems like everyone these… Read more →


Perfectionism: Control? Identity Issue? ….. Survival?

“Striving for excellence motivates you, striving for perfection is demoralizing.” – Harriet Braiker I don’t know why I’m a perfectionist. I believed it was just part of me. As a kid I washed the hardwood floors in my bedroom so much that my mom was concerned I would ruin them (thankfully I didn’t). I used to create elaborate plans on… Read more →


“Anxiety is not me”: what a dog taught me about identity

“Anxiety is not me”: what a dog taught me about identity By: Rachel Moreland As a newly married American expat living in Edinburgh, I am not unaccustomed to change. So amidst the visa applications and endless job search (it some ways it feels like a lingering cold) and not to mention the adjusting to city life in a foreign country,… Read more →


“I’m not sick enough for help.”

If there is a universal lie that those of us with mental illnesses tell ourselves it is this very statement: “I am not sick enough for help.” We rationalize it through medical tests, those comments people so casually say that leave impressions on how we feel about ourselves and our diseases and the sinking levels of self worth as we… Read more →


“Crazy” is the new Beautiful

“Crazy” is the new Beautiful By: Lizzie E. A few weeks ago, I got back my first paper since returning to school. My professor wrote, “you seem to be a very non-linear thinker” along the bottom of the last page. Being naturally inquisitive, and worried that “non-linear” was bad (despite the 100% that was scrolled right next to the comment),… Read more →


Prioritizing Values

Prioritizing Values By: Hollyn Donovan Recovery is a new world for me. It’s a world that I’m entering slowly but surely and yet with more confidence this time around. With recovery comes new points of view, new coping skills, a new mental state, and new priorities. That “new priorities” part is something I’ve been working on a lot lately. I’ve… Read more →


Coping Skill: Create a sacred space.

Life is chaotic. Life is stressful. You deserve a space that is JUST for you. I firmly believe that everyone needs a place they can call sacred in their lives. This place is a refuge, void of drama and chaos where you can retreat to rejuvenate; to be you and only you. Your sacred space needs to bring you peace.… Read more →