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To work for the prevention and intervention of mental illness through awareness, education and hope.


Turning 20: Life Reflection

Turning 20: Life Reflection By: Hollyn Donovan I turned 20 on November 17th. It’s strange reflecting on 2 decades of life. My life has changed so much over the years. Before 3rd grade I was young and innocent with not too much to worry about in life. Starting in 3rd grade, I was introduced to the world of learning differences… Read more →

This Day Will Come….

This Day Will Come… by Denise Kirschner   Eminem’s voice blares out…it is 4:18 AM. Do I roll over and close my eyes for several more minutes? After all I have a back up alarm, and I did not sleep well. I decide sleep is more important than racing to the gym. I could always cut down on my cardio… Read more →


A Glimpse Into My Unraveled Life and How I Glued It Back Together

A Glimpse Into My Unraveled Life and How I Glued It Back Together Written by: Lizzie E.          Have you ever lost something so dear to you that you thought your entire world was falling apart? And I don’t mean a left-my-watch-at-the-hotel, misplaced-my-keys-in-the-fridge kind of loss here; I’m talking about a gut-wrenching, life-changing, heart-ripping-out-of-my-chest kind of loss.… Read more →

Life After Treatment

Life After Treatment By: Hollyn Donovan   I got discharged from treatment on October 15th. It was a very emotional day. Leaving the staff and other patients from my treatment center was difficult. At the same time, it was a joyous occasion. It’s wonderful knowing that everyone from treatment believes in me and that I continue to have supportive people… Read more →


Therapy works.

There was a point in my life where I desperately struggled to keep myself safe. My brain swirled with darkness as I sat in my own depressions and my moods were erratic, at best. I tried to deal with these symptoms the only way I knew how: restricting my diet, binging and purging, self-harm, and hiding myself away in my… Read more →


Recovery IS personal.

I’ve had two bad days. I wasn’t making recovery a priority and well, I felt it. My life slowed down as my thoughts took off. I began to question my position in recovery, my accomplishments and my value; I hated myself for it all. Then I realized something…. Just like life, recovery is NOT perfect. It seems like everyone these… Read more →


Perfectionism: Control? Identity Issue? ….. Survival?

“Striving for excellence motivates you, striving for perfection is demoralizing.” – Harriet Braiker I don’t know why I’m a perfectionist. I believed it was just part of me. As a kid I washed the hardwood floors in my bedroom so much that my mom was concerned I would ruin them (thankfully I didn’t). I used to create elaborate plans on… Read more →