Lifelines: Letters of Love

Recovery is hard work: 24 hours a day, seven days a week…

Regardless of whether you are seeking inpatient, residential, outpatient treatment, or suffering silently in your day-to-day life, we are here for you. One of the biggest ways I was comforted through my recovery journey was through receiving snail-mail filled with encouragement and hope. I received anything from letters to stickers, to notes, to pictures drawn by my friends and family – all telling me that they were thinking about me. Here at Where I Stand we have a team of people ready to send that encouragement straight to your door (wherever that may be).

You are worth support. You are worth love.

You are amazing.

Fill out the contact form (you’ll see it below). All of your information will be kept confidential within the lifeline team at Where I Stand.  

Never forget, we’re with you.

♥Lifeline Team

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If you are interested in volunteering with our lifeline team to write and send supportive and encouraging letters to people struggling and in recovery from mental illness please contact Erin Casey, Where I Stand, President and Founder at ♥

One Word. One Letter. One Message.

We are standing together.

This is Where I Stand.

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Responses from Lifeline Recipients:


“You guys are amazing! The Lifelines do help in that I don’t quite feel so alone and they are very encouraging, to keep going towards recovery and not to give up. Thank you so much!” -J.O (1/5/15)

“I have gotten 2 most beautiful notes from people which was the best thing ever! It made me smile more than I know how to, so thank you so much!” -L.C. (1/5/15)



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  1. I loved my letter and am so excited to get more
    Lisa antinucci corey
    123 mcdonalds farms drive Chesnee sc 29323

    Please send more

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