Recovery Support Advocate Program

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The purpose of Where I Stand’s Recovery Support Advocate Program is to provide free, confidential, peer-to-peer support for individuals seeking recovery from a mental illness or addiction. Where I Stand’s RSA’s are individuals who consider themselves to be in recovery from their mental illness(es) or addictions, managing and living what they consider to be a functional lives. All RSA’s have their own identified personal/ professional/spiritual/emotional and behavioral supports and have agreed to commit one to two hours per week of mentorship through phone calls, email, social media, or meetings with their matched partners.

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What we ARE:
-Peer-to-peer recovery support
-People who care
-People who understand what living with mental illness and recovery feels like
-People who
want to listen
-Advocates for YOU: loving you and being the best you that YOU can be!

What we are NOT:

-Mental Health Professionals
-A helplineScreen Shot 2016-01-14 at 2.19.33 PM
-A Support group
-Medical Professionals
-A crisis program

How it works:
To request to be matched with a recovery support advocate, click the button that reads Connect. Once you have redirected to our request page and you have filled out the required form, you will be contacted within 5 business days to inform you of either your match or your placement on our waiting list. If you wish you learn more about the individual advocates that volunteer with Where I Stand, feel free to click the button that reads Explore. If you feel there is a particular person you would like to be matched with, feel free to indicate their name on the request form. Finally, if you wish to take Where I Stand’s Recovery Support Advocacy course and become a recovery advocate yourself, click Advocate.

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