Spirituality & Self-Care

Welcome to Where I Stand’s newest area of exploration, wholeness and healing when it comes to mental health and wellbeing: Spirituality & Self-Care. To be honest, this has been on my heart for over a year. I’ve been asking myself how to integrate faith and spirituality into Where I Stand without inadvertantly turning people away because of spiritual wounds, ideology, and specific religious beliefs  and practices. However, at the same time, I’ve felt uneasy because of how intricate and powerful my own spirituality and faith have been and continue to be in my own healing and illness management process.  So before we get started let me highlight a few things about what this new part of Where I Stand is, and what it is not.

What it is:

  1. A place for  spiritual exploration, acknowledgment and discussion in relation to health, healing, wholeness and mental illness.
  2. A forum for everyone, regardless of ideology, background, belief system or experience with organized religion to engage about a sense of purpose, belonging and connectedness.
  3. An opportunity for individuals to share their experiences connected with spirituality and self-care, and what that means for them individually negotiating life as an individual with mental illness.

What it is not:

  1. A place to shame, condemn or convert anyone to anything.
  2. A platform to preach.
  3. An area for debate over which beliefs are correct/incorrect.

To begin this new venture, we are seeking individuals are wish to join our interfaith prayer group. How it will work, is that if someone who stumbles upon Where I Stand wishes to submit a prayer request that will fill out a form on our website and our prayer group will receive the request in their email. If you are interested in joining the prayer group please email me at caseyee90@gmail.com.

Soon we will be adding a Spirituality and Self-Care blog spaces, interviews and interactive forums/groups so stay tuned!